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Fox Pub Quiz Night

Join us for our weekly Thursday night trivia with Quiz Mistress Cortney Rixner, every Thursday at 7pm!


* Game is played in 2 halves, 3 rounds per half, 4 questions per round 

* WAGER SYSTEM- you get to assign a point value to your answers based on your confidence in your answers. 1st half (rounds 1-3) you have a 1, 3, 5 & 7 to assign. The object is to get as many points as possible, even if you don't know all the answers, so... give a 7 to the answer you are the most confident in, a 1 to the answer you are least confident in, and then divvy out the 3 and 5 accordingly. 2nd half (round 4-6) we keep the same wagering concept but the point values you wager with change to 2, 4, 6, 8. 

* Please write your team name on the front and back of the answer sheet. 

* Please record the number of people playing on your team next to your name. Any team playing with more than 4 players will receive a 1 pt deduction for each person over the number 4 from their half time score. So for example if your team has 6 people, you will have 2 points deducted from your halftime score. Its only a one time deduction- its designed to level the playing field between super big teams and teams of 2 or even 1. 

* 50 or more people = 2 prizes... 1st place = $ 40 (4 prize certificates) towards the future purchase of food, 2nd place = $ 20 (2 prize certificates) 

* TIE- in the event of a tie, the two teams can split the total prize $ and go home even-steven or they can go down to a tie breaker, in that case, closest team wins

* QUIZMASTER is in charge and has the final say

* No cheating

* Don't shout out answers 

* Keep phone tucked away and out of sight while questions are being read